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Photo Album back online

Well since enjay gave me the idea to startthis blog and since I got around to puttin’ $g(ASP NET) on my server  Ialso found a free photo gallery applicationin .net This will be good its been a long time since the photosare back on line. I am noticing that they are sort of small bad resoultion butoh well. I will be adding more pix now that I am no longer lazy. I have been workingon this .net stuff for 8 hours now. No sleep and I need to work today at midnight.Yikes!

My next project is to scan the Florida pictures and the trip around the world pictures.Lets hope I can find them. I think i gave them to peter not sure. I did get chrismaxx2003 on line and will try and contact amy for 2004 pictures.

Its a ice storm out now. I jsut went to get some things from my car and the groundoutside is covered in ice

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Testing BlogJet

I have installed an interesting application - BlogJet.It's a cool Windows client for my blog tool (as well as for other tools). Get yourcopy here:  I compairedit to w.bloggar and its just not as cool as this application.

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Kelly’s New Blog

I put this code up seconds ago. Keep looking back for new content later on. I am tryignto put my OLD blog into this one. It actually didnt work so I am just going to link tothe old content page and if you want to read history you can.

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First Post

gotta have the First Post


This is the new code for I chose to use the DasBlog asp.netsource. with a work space here itsnice easy setup just edit xml for the major options. I chose this because i wanteda ASP solution that would run on IIS and have no database back end. This was comparedto .text which I didn't like as much.