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New Project

This post is mainly for SuperSusan

I went to Vetco today to pick up some partsfor a little project I have. I recently got a new remote thatis actually very cool. (Highly recommend) With this new remote power I can do lotsof stuff with IR in my house now. With the new Denon Ialso picked up I can greatly increase my stereo options. Mainly using 5.1 with myhuge Cerwin vegas. However the power amp isnt controlled by IR for that stereo setup.A side note that i am also haveing huge issues with some white noise comming fromthe preamp out of the denon. That will be for another day. Today i just got this new littledevice in the mail. I hope to hack some sort of relay system into this to switchthe main for the bigger amp for the CV. sort of like this.



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Cingular +ATT a good thing?

I think it just makes them more asshole-ilo, two weeks ago i went to cingular andasked to him my cell plan upgraded so i stop going over my minuet package (i use over1000 a month!!) so they swear that i will get my package set correctly. Bill comeswhat do you think happened. Of course. So i go back the next week, this verse is thesame as the first. So today i went back in again after work to argue some more thistime saying that i would not leave the store until the computer says that i am onthe new plan. wonder who won that battle? not me 45 mins later they got it done. (Idoubt it still since the ‘live’ accounting says i am still on the old plan on thehttp)

but i did get to listen to a lot of sales pitches to old people at that time of themorning. One lady came in and wanted to get on the family plan with her family whoallready was on cingular. She was on ATT. i was thinking well this should be fun.OH and it was. They started to try and get her family to upgrade to more minutes sincethey will have one more person on the cell plan. the lady explains that shit shouldn'tmatter since she only calls them. So she asks how can she save money. Well eventuallythe guy talks her into a new plan. Now this was the fun part, he then says to her.well you will need a new phone. I was like “jigga no way” yup they were going to chargeher a new phone fee saying that the ATT phone is ‘outdated’ for the new network. Sothe lady is very reluctant, now this schlep is such a moron that the next words outof his mouth are, and i need to charge you a ‘service fee’ of  $15 to switchthe account. what bullshit. I guess when you pay for a cell phone your not payingfor the service. I walked out before hearing the end of it, but she was very upsetso i doubt she did it. so just a word to the wise, you ain't saving anything by havingcingular mob the ATT network.

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New Quest

In my new quest to find out what people do with a blog and more importantly how usefulit is, to me or to anyone else. I have come across a page that helps with the searchingof others blogs. itsa nifty little page that will give you logins for most of the crap sites out there.IE blogspot etc. but as a friend pointed out a nice use is for sites like andsites like that -they insist on having your email. I dont want to have a account forever nancy page out there so i decided that this bugmenot is a useful one stop shopfor all accounts for the pages that like to cookie you.

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ASP for skript kiddys

So this has been a adventure. Not knowing anything about .net only about asp.I am learning that i want to upgrade to IIS6 sooner then later. It has a lot betterGUI for managing the asp applications on IIS. I have been seeing this blog crash every3–4 hours. Couldn't figure out why. Then i went to Google for the answers. Turns outit was that my ASPNET service was running as a machine account. and that its justtoo low of security. When I overload IISlockdown it will remove all access to the%windir% and lock out the IWAM accounts. So i went to msdn and found a few articles;EN-US;315904

Edited my machine.config to use a secure local account. Set explicit permissions forthat account, then bam site is back on line. with IISLockDown enabled. So once againI am secure as a tank and have a running page. Now with my current plans to upgradethe whole page to .net and learn i am going to have to buy a new server thatcan handle the server side of .net. Oh boy …..arnt you excited!

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[CD] The killers

So about 3 weeks ago i got the killers  CD specificallyfor the track ‘Somebody Told Me’ KillersThenthanks to the XM radio over playing it like a crazy bastard i started to check outother tracks on the CD just this past weekend. ie ‘Mr. Brightside ‘ turns out that that track is sweet as well. However I am glad that i bought it attarget for the low low price of 8.99 the day it came out. When i compare it to thingslike Frans ferd. i like that sound a lot better. This UK new (recycled) soundthat is flooding all the music right now i’m not a terrible fan of but for thepeople who enjoy the 70’s punk of UK its not a bad cd. It reminds me alot of cold play and sort of a branch of it. With trendy bands like snow patrol atits heals. dont look at me for definitive music opinion i just listen to channel47 on XM and its where i hear the 11 bands that sound like one.

When its all said and done I jsut like the two tracks that i can hear on XM it wouldhave saved me the $8 and i could just Download them.

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Where to go from here?

I now have this nice little blog set up but am not the blogging type of person. Unlikethe staff at Microsoft that is always talked about for having company secrets postedon blogs, like Microsoft just bought 100 new G5’s I dont know exactly what toblog about. The only time i read a blog is some nerd’s page that posts someway to defeat technology. I like that idea in a blog. Other then that its like readinga live journal of a co worker where you can just giggle about the personal life ofanother person you sort of know. I also like that idea. So i am going to start witha half ass idea of a blog that i will post nerdy shit as well as some product reviewsand start trying to review all the movies i watch. Along with other shit that i findinteresting. At least for the first month i am going to attempt to blog lots of shitno one cares about and see how my post count is going. if people like it and commentback i will keep it up. Otherwise i might just give up and go back to the once a monthpost. I do like this XML based .net and might switch my whole page to this formatits real nice to maintain. so with that i will kick off this blogging fun. The moreyou comment back and hit count this page the more interest i have in keeping it upto date.

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