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[CD] The killers

So about 3 weeks ago i got the killers  CD specificallyfor the track ‘Somebody Told Me’ KillersThenthanks to the XM radio over playing it like a crazy bastard i started to check outother tracks on the CD just this past weekend. ie ‘Mr. Brightside ‘ turns out that that track is sweet as well. However I am glad that i bought it attarget for the low low price of 8.99 the day it came out. When i compare it to thingslike Frans ferd. i like that sound a lot better. This UK new (recycled) soundthat is flooding all the music right now i’m not a terrible fan of but for thepeople who enjoy the 70’s punk of UK its not a bad cd. It reminds me alot of cold play and sort of a branch of it. With trendy bands like snow patrol atits heals. dont look at me for definitive music opinion i just listen to channel47 on XM and its where i hear the 11 bands that sound like one.

When its all said and done I jsut like the two tracks that i can hear on XM it wouldhave saved me the $8 and i could just Download them.

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