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New Project

This post is mainly for SuperSusan

I went to Vetco today to pick up some partsfor a little project I have. I recently got a new remote thatis actually very cool. (Highly recommend) With this new remote power I can do lotsof stuff with IR in my house now. With the new Denon Ialso picked up I can greatly increase my stereo options. Mainly using 5.1 with myhuge Cerwin vegas. However the power amp isnt controlled by IR for that stereo setup.A side note that i am also haveing huge issues with some white noise comming fromthe preamp out of the denon. That will be for another day. Today i just got this new littledevice in the mail. I hope to hack some sort of relay system into this to switchthe main for the bigger amp for the CV. sort of like this.



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