KellyKeeton dot Com v3.0
KellyKeeton dot Com v3.0
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Where to go from here?

I now have this nice little blog set up but am not the blogging type of person. Unlikethe staff at Microsoft that is always talked about for having company secrets postedon blogs, like Microsoft just bought 100 new G5’s I dont know exactly what toblog about. The only time i read a blog is some nerd’s page that posts someway to defeat technology. I like that idea in a blog. Other then that its like readinga live journal of a co worker where you can just giggle about the personal life ofanother person you sort of know. I also like that idea. So i am going to start witha half ass idea of a blog that i will post nerdy shit as well as some product reviewsand start trying to review all the movies i watch. Along with other shit that i findinteresting. At least for the first month i am going to attempt to blog lots of shitno one cares about and see how my post count is going. if people like it and commentback i will keep it up. Otherwise i might just give up and go back to the once a monthpost. I do like this XML based .net and might switch my whole page to this formatits real nice to maintain. so with that i will kick off this blogging fun. The moreyou comment back and hit count this page the more interest i have in keeping it upto date.

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