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a little rain

so i went out and about today to see the results form the recent warmingtemp. according to NOAA the river is going to flood at4am on the 19th at about 1 foot over the banks. in my adventures i talked to two ‘oldguys’ who know the river like a brother. One said “thats a lot of waterhuh” the other who proved to be more useful said “it hasn't moved in twohours but i bet by midnight that it runs over” he had suspenders holding uphis pants so i assume he is the wiser of the two. The other guy didn't even have hipwaders on. I did get to go see the falls, where fun enough i got interviewed by King5 aboutwhat i thought about the river. they acted like i was some old man with suspenders.I just bullshitted, they were running from a van and not the full truck so thatmeans they are going back to the station to uplink. So watch for me on the news at5 tonight, i am wearing a green jacket and any human figure you see in the shots isme. cool.

i did get some time to run around and snap some pictures ialso added them to my gallery.

Picture 007

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18Jan/050 refreshed

i reloaded the style sheets for aswell as refreshed the DNS for the domains that i had sitting around with nothing todo with them yet. (, notice the $imdb(Super Troopers) references? My future project is to get a site up i have some killer ideas for a good prank page. The linden loop is a future page for my neighbourhood site. Right now they all redirect to so dont think there is anything cool there just yet. Some day.

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[movie] Mulholland Dr – Obsession

so recently I got around to watching a movie $imdb(Mulholland Dr) i actually choseit because i had been on the drive when i was in cali a while back and wanted to seeif i recognised anything from real life in the film. For those of you who have seenthe movie and just laughed out loud at that comment. the laugh is accepted.

for those of you who are wondering to what i talk about i have one word for you aboutthis movie “$d(WTF)” if you like movies like $imdb(memento) and $imdb(se7en).Then this film will climb the top charts of your movie list. i am not kidding thisfilm is more complex then anything i have ever set my brain on, now like anygood new age nerd i immeaditaly googled “mulholland drive explanation”after watching it 2 times in a row. Until just today when my friend conor who watchedit under recommendation found a site that explainsit a lot better (dont read that page if you haven't watched it yet) its sixpages of explanations just to detail how complex and amazing this movie is. Idont want to post the content on this page because of its slant from PG rating thati decided to keep here. But page 3 of that ‘review’ they start answeringquestions by giving a plot outline of the film the first paragraph is possible thebest tagline i have ever, ever read for a movie.

basically as far as movies go this film is un-comparable to anything i have ever seen.later when talking about this movie with others i was told by a friend nic a greatquote “i think the director made this movie to make you feel every emotion atonce for one movie” 5 stars in kelly’s ‘wrong way on the oneway street’ list.

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the wee hours of the night

so its 130 in the morning and because of all this rain we have had it flooded thegenerator room here at work – causing the fire suppression system to weird outand beep a lot. I just got done cleaning that up, there was a lot of water it wasicky. When you think that people (including me) spit in that vent for the air intakethen it all drips all over hrm… well i guess its natures way of antibiotics.

its Tuesday and Tuesday is tape day i don't like Tuesday it takes like 4 hours todeal with 120 tapes, its not very fun and if i don't pay super good attn to it itgets messed up then some restore down the line will be messed up because of me. soi never like this daunting task.

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