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its nice to start using a product at the end of a lifespan just to get a update 3days later! i just updated my core to dasblog1.7 ifyou care or want to start your own here is the sourcefourge site.– also for my main site i have heard the issues that you mighthave with the frame’s i know it sucks i’m sorry i will be going back tofix that whole mess. or paying someone to do it for me.

also i am evaluating formy neighbourhood site i hope to have up some time soon.

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so i went to the doctor today to have him work on my foot, i always hate the foot doctor – he likes to chop me up and cause a lot of pain. Today was fun however he got this thing called a $g(electrolysis) system that makes me not feel anything. it was cool i cranked it all the way up till my foot shook ..obviously that wasn't helpful for him so i put it where i couldn't feel anything he was chopping. it was crazy. so after i left i got some stuff form the pharmacy – he was trying to find me in the insurance records and said out loud… “kelly dose your insurance still think your a girl” now it was a slip on the words but the place was packed and everyone heard him. now the funny part was that every single person in that place was looking at me …they didn't hear the guy say my name as loud as the 2nd part so they couldn't make the connection. i just replied yea happens all the time. man was it good; by far better then getting teen magazine in the mail.

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something to marvel about

rather quiet day, however more stuff broke then normal – so i actually worked. SMTP email died as well as some network stuff. I also accidently unplugged a server farm form the network and it was offline for 11 minuet. Lets hope that no one noticed. Oops. I removed a bunch of servers today that is always good work since its exercise to hall that heavy crap around. Ryan from the help desk came to visit today and pick up a little of what i do. Corbis justsigned a deal with Marvel Comics. When you think about it that is sort of cool, we now have licensing rights to all of the images of Marvel. So think of all the cool movies you saw and are going to see. The images can be licence for use by us now. That is huge. I dont know who licence there stuff before (them?) but hopefully this will be a bad ass move for us. I just like that we now have a spider-man cardboard cutout at the front of our office now. People will think we are some comic company. Its also cool cuz we have lots of marvel $d(swag) around the office now. I hope that bill gates invites $g(stan lee) to visit the office some day.

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