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google geist

so i was talking with super susan about the anominity that you dont have on the internetwhen your a nerd such as my self. So i went to some googleing. first my name $g(kellykeeton) i notice that my .com is #1 w00t w00t but after that just a lot of keetonsthat like to learn about keetons. Next we have $g(kellykeeton) which is much moreinteresting – there is some fun stuff that comes up that i totally forgot i had outin the internet.–site about car stereo removal –site about free wifi –things i cant figure out –this site about usage statics about my site! most interesting is that the top linkeris a blog from MIT!!

then there is the easy one of $g(KD7MHI) ahh good old FCC

Also if you havent allready heard MSN’s new searchwent beta today this is the “try at killing google” from microsoft.

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PC load letter

today was a average slow day, set up two printers one was right out of the box fromdell. I spent over a hour trying to get the paper tray to work, i thought i was aidiot. then i shook it real hard and some plastic fell out. i was scared i broke itbut then i realised that that plastic was keeping it from working all along, so after10 mins more of some bending and popping i got the plastic slide thing back into place.stupid dell printers.

not much else to report i worked on a lot of CSS sheets and made the .com a littlemore fung shoey added the ability for you users at home to choose a different skinfor the blog (see bottom of page) and cleaned up some code for the Photo gallery section.

I also bought a digital camera a $g(Sony DSC W1) now that i have the digital meansto share pictures i wanted to get the camera. I got the black one to be stylish. Iwill post a review of it when i actually get it. Got it form some place in main for$50 less then what i saw around the area here. It got great reviews, while i was waitingfor a doctor yesterday i went to kits camera asked what a college age kid that breaksstuff should have as a camera, she said that one without thought. Quinn – who actuallyhas influenced more shit that i have bought then anyone else also said its a goodone based on his seeing someone play with it over the weekend.

SuperSusan is now part of the blogging world,she is super so you will prolly get smarter by reading it. something like eating wheatiesto run faster.

Super Susan says:
eating wheaties to run faster?
Super Susan says:
Kelly says:
yea its the mental thing
Kelly says:
Kelly says:
you get faster by eating them
Super Susan says:
Super Susan says:
note to self
Super Susan says:
you should explain that on your blog...
Kelly - says:
haha ok

i am right now working on my new 2003 server that will speed up the .net applications(this blog) i will be adventuring into the 2000 to 2003 migration process this weekend.i will post later on that information.

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Quantumfy this

A topic i’m sure that we all share interest in is $g(quantum mechanics) and$g(quantum computing). i just read a article onthe advances in computing – interesting topic on security and future of computerpower.  One of the computers here (if made commercial) could crack todays $g(RSAencryption) in a second. interesting that the government might have this power. Orbetter yet a dude in Pakistan who got one in trade for a fat bomb. If you care a googlelink $g(quantum computer code cracking)

Speaking of codes…Which letter completes this sequence: (comment back for theanswer)


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