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What a day!

so i spent all day moving my server under the house and got everything all set upnice and clean. i am back up 100% all domains are running and things are good. Letshope for no hardware failure for a while.

I did open my Christmas present from the duces that arrived in the mail today itsa Wham-O Peeps Maker theyknow me well. Nothing is better on this earth then a 4 month old peep. (you know whenyou let them dry out and they are squishy?) OH YEA! so i haven't gotten around tomaking peeps yet. this 2003 mess has been keeping me very busy. but i have a weekendoff this weekend. I dont believe i am going to go anywhere. I am sort of tired andwould like to be 100% gone of this cold before i travel out into the world. next weekendi think a b-ham trip is in order. its been a while since i seen the people up there.

I got another parking ticket today. this week i have been staying later and this is#2 that is 70$ i owe Seattle. so far i haven't paid them, i put them on my to do list.I figure i will look at them for a while before paying that nasty fine.

its odd how it was hot today – this must be the global warming. well with that… i am off to watch some $imdb(Initial D) so that i can get the moviesoff to corene so that she can catch up on them. we are totally hooked on thisanime show about street racing. she turned me on to it and i cant put itdown. thanks to netflix i dont have to! boo yea for that. On that note i will postout for the day on the note of DarthTater and leave you with this…

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21Jan/050 joins the ranks of 2003

so i am in the process of upgradingmy domain from 2000 to 2003. I got new hardware that its all ready for 2003, –53 critical updates needed to get it patched up to date! now that i have the serverset my role out plan is as follows (thanks colinR for the guidance)

  • 2003 joins 2000 domain
  • Install DHCP, WINS, DNS, FILE/PRINT on new 2003 and disable on 2000
  • adprep my2000 AD controller - on 2000 with 2003 adprep files
  • wait a long time…. then run the AD installation wizard on the 2003 box….waita long time…reboot
  • move the FSMO
  • Move the GlobalCatalog…reboot..removethe GC from 2000 …check your event logs
  • dcpromo the 2000 box

as a side note i would like to note that DNS setup is amazing on 2003, the DNS wizardhas come a long way from 2000. One thing i noticed was the new error/help system whenyou run into a failure the windows help is amazing they re did it all with the newerra termnalogy replacing words like “802.1” with “Your DSL connection” and just ageneral upgrade in all help/wizards. 2003 can be installed by a total nube if youuse all the wizards 100%

First Post on new webserver 2003! oh yea!

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