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so i am in the process of upgradingmy domain from 2000 to 2003. I got new hardware that its all ready for 2003, –53 critical updates needed to get it patched up to date! now that i have the serverset my role out plan is as follows (thanks colinR for the guidance)

  • 2003 joins 2000 domain
  • Install DHCP, WINS, DNS, FILE/PRINT on new 2003 and disable on 2000
  • adprep my2000 AD controller - on 2000 with 2003 adprep files
  • wait a long time…. then run the AD installation wizard on the 2003 box….waita long time…reboot
  • move the FSMO
  • Move the GlobalCatalog…reboot..removethe GC from 2000 …check your event logs
  • dcpromo the 2000 box

as a side note i would like to note that DNS setup is amazing on 2003, the DNS wizardhas come a long way from 2000. One thing i noticed was the new error/help system whenyou run into a failure the windows help is amazing they re did it all with the newerra termnalogy replacing words like “802.1” with “Your DSL connection” and just ageneral upgrade in all help/wizards. 2003 can be installed by a total nube if youuse all the wizards 100%

First Post on new webserver 2003! oh yea!

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