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getting out of the house

had a nice little party today, stopped by the meadows for a birthday/promotion (noteme) party it was nice got to hang out with amy and ben see people from work –it was cool to get to talk to some different people as well as hang out. mostly niceto get out of the normal routine for a afternoon. i was going to go to b-ham but amvery tired from waking up early – so i  am here and going to sleep fora while.

did a lot of work on its looking good. I also got the memory stickand battery for the camera in the mail today. cant play with them yet but as leasti have this pre-camera so i wont have to wait to take lots of pictures.

said hi to corene today – she had the same cold everyone else has, weird howit gets around i talked to people in London who had it as well. its a conspiracy

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