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the space thats in between and insecure

another week starts… i am glad this night shift is coming to a end soon – i dont liketo do things at day then go back to night, its very quiet at night. i went thru someold links today while waiting for some servers to build out. one is foundphotos its fun. some dudes has a web crawler that just takes pictures offyour page and p2p programs. then they just choose random ones and post them online. its a cool ‘art’ from the internet.

today is also the worst daythis year, so far its going ok for me. unless your this guy also looks like they figured out the end of the world

saw a good verse to memorise $g(Mark 5 11)

i missed $imdb(arrested development) sunday so i am downloading it now. WHo needsTi-vo when you have $g(bit torrent)?

they also jsut released anew map/software for the navigation in my car. I have been waiting for a while forthis. They finally updated the phone number database and made the east coast and westcoast separate discs …like most navigation software. This is cool it means that itwill be more detailed – they also updated the map to the GRMS data as of Q42004 soall the roads will be on there. I have noticed that most of new Redmond you are justdriving in the dark. people like peter are keeping my car smart!

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