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[movie] Saw

so i saw $imdb(Saw) uhh… lets say this writers favourite movie of all time ever was $imdb(se7en) this movie was not as visually stunning as seven, didnt make me gasp as much but it was damn close. If you enjoy that movie you will enjoy this. I had no idea what it was about going into it and was pleased that i could not see then plot outline in my head the whole time. However succumbing to the “i see dead people” curse you watch this movie once or twice and you have seen it all. Note that i did have a “pirate” copy so it did look poor in places due to compression but there was no visually stunning colors that i noticed from my crappy copy. I mean at least the village looked good on film. but i’m not gonna say no to this one, if the goreish twisted thriller is your game its worth a rental or a dvd purchase of under 12.99

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[movie] Wimbledon

whats there to say, it was a movie about tennis and a romantic comedy/drama its ok guy gets girl. the only cool part was the tennis ball cam. other then that, and kristen dunst. Movie gets 2 stars, I didnt like it but i didnt hate it. $imdb(wimbeldon)

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[cd] Daft Punk – Human After all

just downloaded the new Daft Punk CD dontfeel much about it. I mean you cant ever deny that Homework wasthe best cd this one is much like Discovery moreof a sound from ‘robot rock’ or just crazy 808’s running beeps and boops. its stillgood, i mean i can listen to it and not get annoyed – actually about 3 tracks arerather catchy. there is one about technology that has a fun background vocal. overall i say buy it when it comes out if you own the others. but dont expect a Homework.I personaly like the other two more then this one. If your interested in Daft Punkget the Homework cd before you delv into electronica music with this one.

Edit: 2/6/05

After reviewing this cd for a length of time, i gotta say its growing on me. DaftPunk as a 2nd look is just as good as the rest. In a tie with discovery. The baseon this CD is actually enough to pop breakers.

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the man keeping you down

today i got a letter from my local pyrotechnics grouptelling me that the CPSC is after thepeople that i buy chemicals from. turns outthey are now trying to shut down the hobby of making your own fireworks. Now i amnot normally one to care about government affairs, but i need to step up from my i-dont-care-icanrole to a soap box for a moment. I understand they they just want to keep people likeme from making M-80’s and blowing up stumps. My problem is that people likeme that do it safely (relative term) are being screwed by the man for people thatare insane. it just sucks. what are we supposed to do for fun if they take away allhobbies? cant play with my little 80mph motor bike, cant make rocket fuel formy rocket and cant make m-80s. Now i do enjoy watching something blow up, there issomething satisfying about mixing up some dust and then lighting it on fire to feelit in your chest. Its not for everyone but its for me. What are people going to doin 5 years? play golf and read books?

part of the CPSC’s argument is that post 9/11 weneed to watch people who provide chemicals for bad things. well what a crock, i sawtwo kids mix IsopropylAlcohol and pool chlorine lets start banning chemicals like that as well, whatabout aspirin you can make a great bomb out of that. Remember the kids that blew upa port-a-potty with sparklers then Komo was good enough to air not only how to makea $g(sparkler bomb) but also showed the video footage just so that kids at home knowhow cool it was. This people – is what is ruining my fun. Because acts likeKomo’s in-discretion for proper media you can now only buy 1 package of sparklersat a time and are limited at most places to 10 packs. because of komo kids this yearwill try to get lots of sparklers and light them wrong and it will blow up in theirface, or they will put it near grass and it will burn down my house.

I enjoy that the media is allowed to showthings like this on TV (sarcasm) why not let kids learn slowly and start withthe good old $g(dry ice bomb) and then move to things like this –it brings a larger thing to mind while i am here …on this soapbox….have you ever noticed that the rating system in USA vs UK. i have always found itinteresting that a R rating here will allow for death on screen with a graphical gunshotto the head. desensitizing youth to violence and things like that are unacceptablein the UK. However in the UK nudity is nothing more then advertisement, but in theUSA nudity will not be tolerated to the least bit?

Put some boobs in a movie its NC-17 but if you allow Arnold to blow up some saudiesand you see brain fly its only R. What happened USA?

ok now back to i-dont-care-ican

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