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ExChange 2003

well since i had 2003 up and running figured adding exchange 2003 back in. It wasa real fast fwd setup using MSFT’s Documentation idid download the new SP1 deployment tool. Applied the SP1. The one trick that i didn'tknow of that JonA helped with is the “InternetMail Wizard” that sets everything up for you. After that was just the lockdownof exchange and using the “bestpractice tool” in conjecture with the “MBSA”i also put on URLscan.I think i am all done with server install/config for 2003 at the moment. Now SQL2005 is it worth the install….

Learned: Internet Mail wizard = quick setup – and to install Exchange2003you need the ‘default web site’ that comes with IIS on install, if you dont have thatyou need to uninstall IIS reinstall IIS then add your site config back into the metabase manually theninstall e2k3 i tried for 3 hours to figure a way around it and could not.


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you have got to be kidding me

I just logged into msn to see “Christiangroups ban Sponge bob” thinking hrm that sounds like the work of the southwhere winchester collections are greater then silverware. I think this article deservessome credit… it has some hilarious quotes….

“groups have issued a gay alert warning “ (is this the white-powerversion of the homeland terrorist warning?)

Winnie the Pooh wasn't wearing pants either” (hisname was also pooh)

“Tinky Winky, the purse-toting purple Teletubbie, was in 1999 declared a homosexualrole model “ (however spell check changes “tinkey winkey” to kinky-kinky)

what a crock… who are the people that put this crap into the public? more tothe point why arnt we focusing on bertand ernie? they do at least share a bed.

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