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new camera

i got my camera yesterday, SonyDSC-W1 the review was correct this camera is bad ass. The most notable featuresare the live video that is better looking then my DV cam. and the fast clear pictures.I love this thing i will be taking lots more pictures now i did snap a few off lastnight learning its functions and such seepix i took here


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learn something everyday

Today I learned something new about Internet Explorer

Have you ever had the problem when you cant save .jpg’s in IE? all you can save is.bmp files? (right click on a image and all that is available is save as .bmp) thereason for this is because your Internet Explorer cache is full. To fix this justclear your cache and you can safe images as .jpg again.

Why is this? because when they wrote IE they wanted it as fast as possible so whenthe cache is full it will not cache the jpg to HDD but just to memory. It caches tomemory in bmp format. That is why you can only save as bmp. So by clearing the cacheyou again save all images to disk and are able to once again save as jpg.

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how nerdy

so yesterday we went on a field trip (pops and me) to IcomRadio we were looking at some display units in the corporate office whena guy was like “hey wanna see our ham shack” now this is possibly the most nerdy thingthat you can ever say. But being that we were at Icom of all places you might as welltake the time to look.


taken with my cell phone here is just a small snippet of the room. they have everyproduction radio up and running in this room along with the elusive 7800 radiowhich i found out costs 10 grand! The guy didnt even know how to really use it, heplayed with a smaller version of it. Not bad for a days adventures, even if the nerdscale is off the charts.

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