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[movie] Saved!

where to start on the movie $imdb(Saved). I think first i just want to say that itactually is enough against my Christian beliefs that i will say that i thought itwas a ‘F’ as in i will not watch this movie or ever consider it much again.While macally culkin was surprisingly not as creepy as i remember and mandy more’sacting isnt as good as her disney movies. There was one line in this movie that turnedme off. They say that the bible is not a weapon. In the movie they are referring tothrowing the bible as a blunt object – thus saying its not a weapon. The factthat they chose the exact line “this is not a weapon [holding bible]”made me unhappy with this movie. Last time i remember studying stuff the “bibleis our only weapon” so with that i leave this movie in the interesting but ihave 100% dislike. I have found a link that backsup my beliefs on the matter.

aside from that – the movie was just not that great, jsut a movie (bad one) andone that you would aside from the christian attacks forget in 5 min.

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