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grizzly adams has nothing on me

All i need is a flannel shirt and a Axe, the no shave till kelly is back on days continues.Here is my weekly photo (getting creative with the camera)


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the knife goes in the guts come out, thats what sushi is all about.


The first family photo since my brothers graduation

MarinePolls SushiLand, if you dont know it then learn it. Even if you dont like theword Sushi (like my dad or me) you dont have to eat anything that you think is fishhere. I personally can eat 100 of the house roles. The novel part is that the foodwill ‘drive’ by you on a conveyer belt (seen in the photo) so you canpick what you want to eat as it slides thru. The customer service is thru the roof.If your looking for somewhere new eat here. Locations in Bellevue and Seattle.

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Step 1) Secure your Shit

Today i worked on the stereo install for my car. Took all day just to plan my install.This will  be the first time that i dont install a stereo in my car. I will beusing Magnolia Hi-Fi, i have been extremely happy with the service that i have hadfrom them since the purchase of my AV Switcher.


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nothing new

got my car back from the body shop, had them touch up some paint issues i had fromthe dealer. I also have the headlights and fog lights that were leaking coming infrom the dealer today, also got a daytime running lights installed.Changed the oilto synthetic to get rid of the break in chunks. got a date for tinting and received aunit in the mail today that will convert the factory stereo steering wheel controlsto IR commands that will control any stereo button on a new stereo, programmable.This unit is super cool and i wanna rep for it if you happen to have after marketwith unused buttons. This company has a lotof way cool products.

 Happy birthday to Nic yesterday and and Quinn today. Other then that, mightgo to E-burg this weekend jsut for the drive.

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Why is google So cool?

People always ask why is google stock so much, why should i use google. Why is ithere is a fun toy that you should play with if you dont think google is the best. – a Cellphone SMS for google, read the howto if you want to expand your cell to google.

This will  change the way you use your phone.

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we gonna go back, way back

Jon showed me this and it was worth posting cuz it was funny here is my kellykeeton.compage form1996 if you get bored look up the fortune 500’s (microsoft, phitzer, Disney)sort of funny.

here is a great quote -kelly 1996

"Why would anyone want to toucha girl's butt? That's where cooties come from"

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[movie] Wedding Date

ok before you give me shit that i saw a chick flick, i did go with a girl, so eventhough i was one of two guys in the 20 something people in the movie hut, it wasn'tlike i was some dude watching a chick flick.  But fact remains that $imdb(TheWedding Date) bleeds chick flick, it was a good movie for the scenery, wardrobe andcolor. But it was like a puzzle with a few missing pieces. There were a few flawsthat were noticeable in the story line and the cinamatography. However for a fun romanticcomedy it was good, i was bored and i didn't get pissed i spent $9. I think the onlyother guy in the theator was getting some heavy action if you know what i mean eitherthat or someone was crying. we had no idea.

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dasblog 1.7.5016.2 upgrade

The boys overat dasblog upgraded and fixed a few bugs also got the “logical” staticlinks working for posts.i dont need to ramble on with the lame details but the simplelinks are here, for anyone that uses my site as a hosting – i allready upgradedyour blog code so yeah! your up to date. read the changes if your wondering what happened.I had no isses with any code on anyones web site.

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    advantages to being a vampire

    weekend over, that sucks. Today at work however is gonna be sticky-icky.

    i might add that this is week two now of the noshave till days campaign, status = no longer ichy



    whats all that crap in the background?

    oh yea so a car, kelly whats the scoop?–  i spent all day today workingout some things that needed repaired like water in the fog lights and a shitty paintedfender. I have started some easy mods to the car, like hacking the crappy antennaas well as editing the way the fog lights work. I also went to magnolia Hi-Fi forestimates on all my new stereo installation. but to keep you all in suspense a littlelonger i will post another day on that. I will however set up a “mycar” photo album so you can see whats up.

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    new car smell

    this is only Sunday and what a long weekend so far. 1 day left! This is the firsttime we have had this 3 day weekend at corbis, this is a new holiday for us.

    i didnt post anything yesterday, that was a first. i woke up Thursday at 3pm and wentto bed Friday at 9pm. it was a long day, a day filled with a new car. I wanted thenew focus and thinking about it for a while. and decided to get it sooner then later.I will post further on it later, when i have time. Oh yea i got a 2005Focus ST

    this weekend was packed so far, Fernando came into town and i didnt know he was gonna.went to his house friday night and basically crashed, went to bed on the floor. wokeup, hooked up with C-Man and then went to yarrow bay, then a batting cage –that was fun its been a long time since batting. then we dropped off conor and wentout with Kristen to TheTemple Pool House in Seattle (my fav bar by far) shot some pool and listened tocrappy D/B techno. I burnt out a mp3 cd at work and bumped tunes with my stereo installedSub. Came home bought some car stereo parts i will need for the new car. Posted thisblog, and going to sleep to have another long ass 2 days of weekend left – booyea!

    Pictures from the weekend –here -

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