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eXeem the new napster

so i get this all the time, kelly where can i steal music and be safe? The answer is nowhere - computers log things and if your stealing then you get logged. FOr at least a while this is the new 'hot location' to download things. Since any other p2p network is bloody with RIAA/MPAA bad seeds. This one should "fix all that" who knows i bet it lasts a year tops. But for the people that cant $g(BitTorrent) and the others that dont know how to $g(IRC) There is a new mac daddy in town. eXeem, from the suprnova bittorrent folks. It will allow you to steal everything you want. On initial tests its also Screaming fast. I mean screaming. I was able to get the hal2 two and new Gwen cd in a matter of 10 minutes. Crazy. Long live eXeem and lets hope the RIAA/MPAA ignore it for a while so that i can update my collection. I love how this software claims to “increase the networking of p2p devices” who uses the p2p networks for legal things, seriously i wonder.

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