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How to have your cake, and eat it too

Since I run IIS,SQL,Exchange,AD-DC/DNS  all on the same server when ever i startup or shutdown the box i get a lot of errors in the event log. I like to keep a eventlog with only information bubbles, never any warnings or critical. Since Microsoftnever recommends to keep all this stuff on the samebox for reasons you shouldknow. (That i dont care about because i am not going to run 3 servers in my house.)There isnt a whole lot of help out there to fix some of the issues. Or more over,i dont want to set 100 dependencies for services.

Jon gave me the idea to just script it. He still gets credit even though i found this later. Sothats what i did – i set SQL,IIS,Exchange all to manual and set up the following GPO startup/shutdownscripts to run. Thus solving the problem and keeping my server running very happy.

@echo off
net stop w3svc
net stop mssqlserver
net stop resvc
net stop msexchangemgmt
net stop msexchangemta
net stop msexchangeis
net stop msexchangesa

This is the shutdown script with the startup script the inverse of this, do note thatthe order is important to dependency. I run a startup as opposed to keeping automaticand just stopping on shutdown to just keep it all nice and clean, in my headand on the event log.

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