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Beard’s are for Lumberjacks

ok, its now been 2 months since i started this birds nest and my face is tired ofdry skin. Unless i think of somethign creative to do. To the barber shop i go. Obviouslythis protest isnt getting me on days any time soon.



Inother news – gamer is killed for sale of stolen sword. interestingly i learnedthat japan has no laws for the ownership of virtual weapons.

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Black Car


My Car is now all black.

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Server 2003 Sp1

Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Server 2003 yesterday, this one i am not goingto be a eager beaver about. i figure i will wait at least 3 days untill i installthe 350mb SP. You never know for a new OS to have its first SP it could also be afree ride for some bug. Download

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3670 miles later

Ok so now that i am back from vaca and sick i thought i would catch you up on somefun things other then Paris Hilton. While i was in LA we went to Vegas there was astorm there and it flooded the streets, a guy took a cup of the street water and wasgoing to dump it on a girl. Being the nice guy that i am i intervened – i gavethe guy a $5 chip to drink the nasty water. He did. I hope he isn't dead because ofa $5 chip.

then Fernando got bit by a whore. yes thats a dirty word but she was prolly very dirty.and to say my friend got bit by a whore is sort of funny.

i walked up to a roulette table plopped down $10 and won 350 the dealer didn't seeme place my bet and i had to “challenge” the win with security and thevideo cameras. 30 mins later i had my day in Vegas paid for.

somewhere in there the rental van got a cracked window. not sure why. however thepicture of us using the van as a stool prolly didn't help it any.

went to six flags and it was a crappy day but it was awesome for visitors like meto six flags. Also we brushed Compton and saw a car with 20” i knew they were20’s because it was printed on the car “20’s” – thevan now has a broken side mirror, a garbage can jumped out at us while driving a legaland safe limit.

the visit to frisco was short – saw a lot of hippies. I want to visit this areaagain some day in more detail.

Photos from vacation here

Photos from St. Pats dayhere

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gnome is famous!


our gnome in april 4th People Mag

OK so the most crazy thing happened with the gnome and the picturewith paris hilton it made it into theApril4th Edition of People magazine. on page 8. i bought a extra copy to return thegnome to the old people with. i think they will never belive this one. its gonna bea trailer park story for years to come. everyone is gonna want a gnome stolen now!oh yea they did photo shop him and remove all the paint chips he is also pinker. hereis another shot froma celeberty site thathas conor in it

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thats hot

so we drove on to Hollywood Blvd. and saw a shit load of papparazzi and were likewoah, so we then pulled over to see paris Hilton gassin up her Bentley at arco (bently’slike arco) it was just like the movie papparazzi it was insane they were taking picturesof everything she did from paying to how much she spent then conor went up and waslike paris can you hold this and get a picture and she was like thats hot and thenwe got the picture along with the rest of the dudes. then walked around the rest ofthe day and looked at everything.


paris hilton and conor

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goin back to cali

about to leave for cali. Last night we picked up a yard nome from a local old peoplehome area. he will make the trip with us and then after taking pictures with him everywherehe will be returned to the owner with his pictures.


home town represent

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even cops kids get pulled over – well duh if you know me you know this isnt the first.I got pulled over by a guy i knew today (he also works with my dad) but hey at leastit wasnt for speeding!!! I forgot to turn my headlights on and was running with onlyfog lights. he didnt know who i was when i walked up then read the licence and waslike hey nice beard. haha. i also got lucky cuz i was going 50 in a 40 when i passedhim.

thats all the excitement i expect for the day, so its back to normal slow nights,sort of a bummer i liked all the activity. Enjay might swing thru for lunch, todayi am also going to try and schedual going to home depot, sleep, WWU, back home, thento rental place, then home, then to tire place, then back home. I hope i can do itall. might have to cut out a wwu day trip. countdown 48 hours till California.

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your not as anonymous as you think

so i keep seeing this hit my blog every day. i was like ok what ever, then i noticed that it hits me every single time i post something. so i visited it. its a search engine a google rip off. BUT they have this blog search. so i searched my name then other people. this is scarry its watching your blogs and its able to find EVERYTHING i was able to find peoples live journals that i never knew had one. its hard to hide any more.

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Hell Froze over

i wouldn't believe it if you told me but i guess it might be true.

All the mac users that forever have taunted that they can do all the work i can dobut with one mouse button, seems like the day is at a end.

Macintosh Makes a two buttonmouse


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