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Focus fun

I have a rental car until my window tinting is done, its a 2003 focus L. Its a nastycar people smoke in it. I took it for a ride and pulled the ebrake super hard spunall around and the transmission went in reverse on its self. Made a noise. –Ever wonder why they charge kids under 25 more for rentals? OH yea i suggest gettinga focus as a rental and rallying it.

My old car is up for sale link is here (notethat that is a mht file and only viewable with IE, it also works best to ‘savefile to’ then open it on your local computer.) $4k more then they gave me forit haha.

I made a cd titled “the only thing good about this rental car is it has a cdplayer” and left it in the car on return.

in other unrelated news. I was looking up paris Hilton phone book that was all overon line, for some strange reason the FBI who must not have anything else better todo has officially shut down 99.9% of the hosting sites that had the content. i findit interesting that they have the power they have and its used to do what, shut downphone numbers. Even the prank call pages that were up last week are now dead, theywont even let us listen to the prank calls.

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