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another day, things are getting darker

most of my free time is spent thinking or working on the car. today i got it backfrom the tinters, and also debadged the car (remove logos and names) as well as puta hood lock in that my bro cleverly thought up. I tried my hand at film tinting therear taillight but quickly learned that its not easy and mostly messy. So the taillighttinting is going back to the drawing board for now. i did get some front marker lightson ebay that are smoke tinted so that takes care of at least the yellow light. Thatwas all i really didn't like, at least red and black compliment.

I also am thinking of turning the stock rims black i really like the way the car isturning out on the outside. I am also going to stop though the body shop and see aboutpainting the front grill thing black. then black and red will be the only color onthe car.

Picture of Tint,Picture of Debadge (before),other pictures from today

Also pictures of that hood lock

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