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it was a good weekend, you can always tell a good weekend if i dont have time to blog.Conor and Cheryl came into town and we hooked up with Corene  (C^3) and her twofriends and went to the Gatsby’sAmerican Dream Show @ Graceland (i refuse to call it el calzone) Nic is thelead singer and was the singer for our HighSchool band THey are going on tour and dooin’ real good right now (congrats)we went out to dinner at the Seattlesushi land my review is that i like the bellevue one better, call it hometown.

then we went to dicks a little later it was 2ndsupper. then actually watech the show and then ended up at Horia’s house thathe just bought. Its a nice place in Redmond. Saturday i had my car at Magnolia allday for the alarm install, i woke up late and got it there 2 hours later then i shouldhave, after learning that you cant get a rental car from enterprise on Saturday ihad to use powers to get one from Budget (they suck) but now my car has a great alarmand its all ready to rock. Stage one is Done!

Then conor and i had some fun with the rental car and i went shopping with horia for(his) first time for groceries. We hung out at his house for the night then went toJohn Normans out by my old Redmond Home and saw a lot of RHS kids, it was awesome.Sunday we had a neighbourhood BBQ and had everyone over. All in all this was a packedweekend – whew!

Weekend Pictures

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