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[movie] CatWoman

ok, lets start off this one with the good points. Good – $imdb(catwoman) hasa very good glossy comic book feel to it. The color and camera look cool. and HalleBerry really looked good in the film and took on a very different look from Bond andX2.

thats where the good stuff ends. This movie sucked, the CGI was horrible the storywas pathetic and there were more obvious continuitymistakes in this movie then i have seen in a while. then there are things like.All of the sudden halle is out side on a ledge chasing a cat, then some cop comesin busts down the door to save her then ends up at the office she works at to askher on a date. This is like spiderman redone by an amateur. I cant say enough badabout this film the fight scenes look way too CGI and the whole feel of the movieis off. this movie gets a one star from me. I didnt shut it off but i would neverwatch it again.

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