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blow your top

i did nothing today, i mean nothing.

In other news Ms StHelensblew, not very impressive. I was hopein’ for some shaking and pictures oflava and a day off of work since i wouldn't drive my new car in the ash.But no justsomething to keep the news people talking about, now they wont shut up again.

Camera of the THing

Sizo Graphs

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Turn your G-Mail into G-Storage

real G’s use others peoples servers for storing shit. Enjay pointed this applicationout to me. I dont use G-Mail i dont like it. But if you use it then this is a cooltool.

What is it? If you have Gmail then you can installthis application that will make a virtual “Hard disk” on your computer. Much likea memory stick on your digital camera, you can copy stuff to gmail then access itanywhere.

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