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Lost the will to win the fight

I found out this week that i get to work another (minimum) of 7 weeks on the nightshift. That makes me angry. I am not dooign well with this shift any more, i dontsleep and i dont do anything that makes me feel like i am helping the company anymore. but i found a page today that makes me glad i dont work at wall-mart. Hereis a link for employees to bitch about wallmart, so then i thought ha and lookedfor other pages like that –  UPSDrivers Bitching this didn't lighten my spirits reading how people pee inthe filters for cars before installing them. Glad i dont shop there. UPS is a oldercrowd that complains and the funny part is the “driver” area where driverscomplain, but some people complain about Dale Jarrett the UPS NASCAR driver its soawesome.

brings up a funny story about matt, he worked for the brown and he called me one dayand said hey kelly listen to this i heard a “whomp” then a “thud”then matt saying “i jsut threw a package to deliver it” haha oh thatsfunny. bad, but funny. pet detective anyone?

plans for going to California are still in the works. my first vacation in a year,we are going to visit scott and matt in California – going to drive there. shouldbe fun, going to have the video camera and digi camera so i’m sure we will havesomething crazy that i can post up.

i have also started today watching my financial records for the first time, tryingto get a handle on what i waste money on to start saving up for buying a house.


hrm this looks like i need to fix something

oh yea WOOT WOOT backon top at google

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[movie] I Heart Huckabees

ok so i got this movie because of the obvious’s The director from $imdb(ThreeKings) and $imdb(Naomi Watts) and $imdb(Jason Schwartzman) i was sucked in. I hadto watch it. Take the fun of three kings and put it into criterion films like get something like $imdb(I Heart Huckabees). I loved some of the set like thechalk board that was ingenious. I didnt like the goofy CGI they used. Just wasn'twhat i like to see in a movie today. The color was great and any scene with Naomiis sweet. There are jokes in the movie that are awesome, i also like that Jason andMark have a few scenes where they just start eating licorice of different colors itsgreat.

now for the cynical side of kelly that i like to whip out on all movies anymore. whati didnt like, first this movie didnt go anywhere it started just about as weird asit ended. i am going to ruin the story line but if you read the back of the box youwont see anything that isnt a surprise. This movie was basically (i felt) about whywe are here, why we exist, why do i interact with you and why why why why.

I dont have that question, so for me this movie was mostly blah blah blah. It wasfunny but i cant say that it made me jump out of my seat. Essentially Jason is lostand needs help he turns to some people who have a answer in the mix of it all he figuresthings out for himself. Along the way they have a side character get into the loveinterest, but its so obscure that it makes no real movie connections. Then Jason hassome rather oddly placed sex in the mud, i think it was to show that the answer wasthat love pulls people together. But what the hell in the mud? what was that. Thenyou have this antagonist who just mostly runs around making a mess of the plot lines.

This movie gets a 2.5 star, i didn't like it that much but there was a lot of funmixed in with the weird.

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