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Lost the will to win the fight

I found out this week that i get to work another (minimum) of 7 weeks on the nightshift. That makes me angry. I am not dooign well with this shift any more, i dontsleep and i dont do anything that makes me feel like i am helping the company anymore. but i found a page today that makes me glad i dont work at wall-mart. Hereis a link for employees to bitch about wallmart, so then i thought ha and lookedfor other pages like that –  UPSDrivers Bitching this didn't lighten my spirits reading how people pee inthe filters for cars before installing them. Glad i dont shop there. UPS is a oldercrowd that complains and the funny part is the “driver” area where driverscomplain, but some people complain about Dale Jarrett the UPS NASCAR driver its soawesome.

brings up a funny story about matt, he worked for the brown and he called me one dayand said hey kelly listen to this i heard a “whomp” then a “thud”then matt saying “i jsut threw a package to deliver it” haha oh thatsfunny. bad, but funny. pet detective anyone?

plans for going to California are still in the works. my first vacation in a year,we are going to visit scott and matt in California – going to drive there. shouldbe fun, going to have the video camera and digi camera so i’m sure we will havesomething crazy that i can post up.

i have also started today watching my financial records for the first time, tryingto get a handle on what i waste money on to start saving up for buying a house.


hrm this looks like i need to fix something

oh yea WOOT WOOT backon top at google

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