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25 hours to kill

have you noticed that i am now blogging like this is a livejournal? yea i did.

I guess its because i am now full circle again, i have a a lot of time and nowhereto go. uhg, what to do. at the same time conor’s last day of school is today and hecant stand getting asked what are you going to do now? ironic

This weekend i will be goofing off and installing car stereo parts. hrm.

since my links of the day seem to give others with time to kill a smile here is mylink for the day. This was found after finding a ebay scam. ITs a guy who writes pranksto corporations with sometimes funny results. LinkMe Kelly

anyone listen to techno and remember the song form 97ish “THIS IS THE POLICE THISCLUB IS CLOSED” i just re-found that song its fun.

check this postout if your looking for it

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