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even cops kids get pulled over – well duh if you know me you know this isnt the first.I got pulled over by a guy i knew today (he also works with my dad) but hey at leastit wasnt for speeding!!! I forgot to turn my headlights on and was running with onlyfog lights. he didnt know who i was when i walked up then read the licence and waslike hey nice beard. haha. i also got lucky cuz i was going 50 in a 40 when i passedhim.

thats all the excitement i expect for the day, so its back to normal slow nights,sort of a bummer i liked all the activity. Enjay might swing thru for lunch, todayi am also going to try and schedual going to home depot, sleep, WWU, back home, thento rental place, then home, then to tire place, then back home. I hope i can do itall. might have to cut out a wwu day trip. countdown 48 hours till California.

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