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3670 miles later

Ok so now that i am back from vaca and sick i thought i would catch you up on somefun things other then Paris Hilton. While i was in LA we went to Vegas there was astorm there and it flooded the streets, a guy took a cup of the street water and wasgoing to dump it on a girl. Being the nice guy that i am i intervened – i gavethe guy a $5 chip to drink the nasty water. He did. I hope he isn't dead because ofa $5 chip.

then Fernando got bit by a whore. yes thats a dirty word but she was prolly very dirty.and to say my friend got bit by a whore is sort of funny.

i walked up to a roulette table plopped down $10 and won 350 the dealer didn't seeme place my bet and i had to “challenge” the win with security and thevideo cameras. 30 mins later i had my day in Vegas paid for.

somewhere in there the rental van got a cracked window. not sure why. however thepicture of us using the van as a stool prolly didn't help it any.

went to six flags and it was a crappy day but it was awesome for visitors like meto six flags. Also we brushed Compton and saw a car with 20” i knew they were20’s because it was printed on the car “20’s” – thevan now has a broken side mirror, a garbage can jumped out at us while driving a legaland safe limit.

the visit to frisco was short – saw a lot of hippies. I want to visit this areaagain some day in more detail.

Photos from vacation here

Photos from St. Pats dayhere

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