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Beard’s are for Lumberjacks

ok, its now been 2 months since i started this birds nest and my face is tired ofdry skin. Unless i think of somethign creative to do. To the barber shop i go. Obviouslythis protest isnt getting me on days any time soon.



Inother news – gamer is killed for sale of stolen sword. interestingly i learnedthat japan has no laws for the ownership of virtual weapons.

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Black Car


My Car is now all black.

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Server 2003 Sp1

Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Server 2003 yesterday, this one i am not goingto be a eager beaver about. i figure i will wait at least 3 days untill i installthe 350mb SP. You never know for a new OS to have its first SP it could also be afree ride for some bug. Download

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