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cultured like cheese

last night i went to the benaroyahall to chill with the Seattle symphony orchestra we kicked it Beethoven was cool. i like it a lot. however funny to watch 2000 people sit very still andjust watch people play music

i will be going again to see BugsBunny on Broadway.

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we have a weiner

someone bid on the gnomeon ebay still 5 days to go, it wont be interesting until the last hour. butstill dumbfounded that someone would pay 300 bucks for some concrete. so i was wonderingwho buys a gnome. a obvious gnome collector?

no. the bidder appears to like to collect certain starbucks credit cards. buys themfor 30$ a pop so i must have missed something. i have a pizza hut credit card, wonderif i can get 30 bucks for something they give away for free. mention that the creditcards all have zero balance its 30$ for the actual plastic.

but thats not what i was spinning my head about. the bidder also bought friendshipfrom someone for 30 bucks. i don't know if that actually happened (she has 100% rating)but she paid 30 dollars for a friend? i hope they knew each other and this was a joke.if not “WTF” guess i missed out on a generation of how to make money.

other news: none i am sick and tired. literally. ha.

back track theHilton Blog saga

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BSOD to your enemy’s

i learned this prank years back and since i was on the nerd postingspree thought i would add some fun nerd stuff for the masses not just the nerds. thistrick will pop up a BSOD (blue screen of death) on a key combo. so you can put thison anyones computer and then you can have some fun.


The following is done using the Registry editor if your uncomfortable with this toolthen this hack isn't for you.

Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\i8042prt\Parameters Registrykey.
You'll need to create a Registry value called CrashOnCtrlScroll (oftype REG_DWORD) and set the data to 1.
After you make the modification, you must reboot yoursystem.

Tech support: Now press CTL and SCRLOCK at the same time release and repeat,lets see if this will fix word not saving your document.

i am not responsible for any ill doings that this causes to you, your computer,your ‘friends’ computer, or your car windshield.


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Create ISO files in a snap

ever want to make ISO files or work with booting CD’s? have a i386 folder and youwant to make a booting OS install cd? have 900mb of common files that you want tofit on a 650mb CD?

well Microsoft had a command line ISO mastering utility back in the day and yearsago someone turned it into a GUI. if you ever do things like this this tool is notnew to you. but someone asked me for it the other day so i thought i would blog this.

The big thing about this is it will crosslink files for you. if your a *nix user youknow what that is. if not then simply put it copies similar files once and links themso you save space.

You can also set a boot partition on the ISO. This is handy if your making a WindowsPEcd or if your building a OS or something crazy. it will just write out the iso filesso you dont need to waste CDR’s or time. It has a lot of mastering options.

This tool originally was “underground” and not for distro but a major site i use inoticed has it up so i share the wealth as well.


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fire from caffeine

ever have a lot of pop cans and chocolate but your freezing and you need to fend offwolves with a fire?

well now you can burn the energy in ways other then staying up to write a report.

fire fromcaffeine

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weekend update with Kelly Keeton

headed up to b-ham this weekend to hang out, went out with kadi as her and roommatestook some 'family photos'.then went to see andy’snew side band play. headed home for heathers birthdayparty good night on the town.

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all about the mighty dollar

ha- the lady that we gnomed is now selling the thing on ebay with my picture book. obviously it ment a lot to her.

gnome - 199
shipping 49.99
required insurance 49.99 (ha)

your tangable crap for our priceless memory 300$ haha some sucker might buy this shit.

i think its lame, but what ever-  sort of wish she would have given it to usif she didnt want it.

crazy ass auction here

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till then i walk alone

 i found out in a manner today that i feel was not the best way, thati will be on nights still. i am very upset about this. i sort of figured that it wasgoing to happen since i dont trust work very much any more. i am just sad that thecompany lived up to my expectations of that. i am tired of being alone.

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keetons in the news

we keetons like to stick to the media -story

went to beths today for the last time as a night time lunch. it will be missed.

one day left on nights!

other news – whydid adobe buy macromedia? new bill to stopme from p2p (uh-oh)

i went to ellensburg today for a afternoon visit. on the way i got stuck behind aWSP it was nice he went 80 and let me drive in his wake. the truckers got out of theleft lane for once. on the way home i made it form ellensburg to issaquah in 60 minsor averaged 83.7MPH not saying i was speeding. but somehow i found a tessaract. idont like how the tires respond, and with out the paint on the road some corners ididnt like to drive.



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sticky green day

going to be a smokey day.

very slow day today just worked on some norton antivirus stuff

i have 2 days left on the night shift, then unbelievable as it might seem i will beback on days. working with people once again. I have made a list of things that iwill miss

  • beths at 4am ..with or without enjay
  • krispy kream at 4am
  • no traffic
  • going 110 on the way to work
  • loud music at my desk
  • not wearing shoes all day
  • cheap lunch
  • nap time
  • free cell time is my daytime

other then that not much else if your bored still goread this

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