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Hack a Wifi 128b network the easy way

source: slashdot

The FBI has released some nice information on how to hack a 128b encryption on a WIFinetwork. It was nice of them to do this. I have also talked to people that do thisregularly and they say that you dont need the 1gb of data or 3 min to do this. IN7–20 seconds with brute force you can accomplish this. Since this is the new thingto do i am spreading the information just like the FBI

Orginal Article

MHT of story (IEonly compatible)

The goods (software to do all this)

  • Auditor'sSecurity Collection - Contains all the wireless hacking tools already installed
  • Kismet
  • Airsnort
  • Aircrack (includesAireplay and Airodump)
  • void11
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