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[movie] The Pacifier

 $imdb(Pacifier) at least a pacifier actually ‘sucks’ more then this movie. Lets see put $imdb(Vin Diesel) with walt Disney pictures and lets see what we get. Oh i know, its a adult version of $imdb(spy kids). My rating, O. for Ouch vin what did you do to your career. there was once or twice that i laughed out loud so if your tied to a chair (or work nights) you wont puke the whole movie. 

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[movie] The Ring Two

$imdb(The Ring Two) this was the best sequel i have ever seen, This movie was able to 100% continue the story of the first movie and was on top with continuity and story line. I really like that the main characters were kept as well as the key sets and locations. I hear a lot of bad press about this movie – after watching it i think they must have planned to make this during the first one. Its a must own if you bought the first one. i mean this want a epic movie but its a great continuation of the story from the first movie.

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[movie] Guess Who

$imdb(Guess Who) didn't like this movie, me. This movie had some one liners but alland all this movie was not worth the torrent file i used to download it.

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smarter statics for free

so along with Jon i have been looking at getting a IIS log parser that would be betterand quicker to use then Analog. Analog is a goodproduct its just complex and not that great for a simple setup. That and i want toswitch to all .net for my sites.

So Jon found a programcalled SmarterStats this program is bad ass. I am a regular hosting company now, allowingall the people that i host individual stats reports for the site they have. Whatseven cooler is the problems that i had while installing it and the results i got frommy troubleshooting.

First i installed the product and used IIS to host it, it wouldn't activate the freeversion, then i set out looking for a keygen thinking that my free activation justdidn't work (there is none). So i then uninstalled it and installed it with the builtin web server that comes with the product. It activated just fine. then i took thatwebroot from the activated product with the programs web server and moved it to myIIS box (because i don't want to run some free web server that could kill my server).So i now have the content working on IIS and not the little free web server. then poof ihad the professional version working for free, so now i can add more then one site.This appears to be a serious bug with the product and i hope that SmarterStats don'tread this blog and then fix this issue. Heres hopin’ that version 3.0 you can stillhack this easy.

Disclaimer: This product is actually awesome, its only $199 for 50 sites; if you unlikeme and charge for hosting or make any money off the use of the product i stronglyencourage you to purchase this product. However if like me you just like to play aroundand since they do offer this program free to individual users, i just expanded theuse of that.


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how to be popeye for 30$

so i went and hung out at peter’s housefor a while and they had this cool little device called a Dyna-PowerBall you mighthave seen them around. They are used to strengthen your forearm, and make you looklike popeye the sailor man. WEll after about 3 hours of screwing around with thislittle contraption i decided i must own one. Not only is this a great workout forcomputer people keeping your dexterity up, but also it has little LED’s in itthat make it glow bright blue and its rather fun to watch. this product is on kellyscrap to buy list.

You can get them at REI

for30$ thats 9$ cheaper then the manufactureweb page. make sure you get the powerball its the new one that is faster and hasthe LED’s or you can ebay them.still cant figure it out? there is movies on how it works here

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