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smarter statics for free

so along with Jon i have been looking at getting a IIS log parser that would be betterand quicker to use then Analog. Analog is a goodproduct its just complex and not that great for a simple setup. That and i want toswitch to all .net for my sites.

So Jon found a programcalled SmarterStats this program is bad ass. I am a regular hosting company now, allowingall the people that i host individual stats reports for the site they have. Whatseven cooler is the problems that i had while installing it and the results i got frommy troubleshooting.

First i installed the product and used IIS to host it, it wouldn't activate the freeversion, then i set out looking for a keygen thinking that my free activation justdidn't work (there is none). So i then uninstalled it and installed it with the builtin web server that comes with the product. It activated just fine. then i took thatwebroot from the activated product with the programs web server and moved it to myIIS box (because i don't want to run some free web server that could kill my server).So i now have the content working on IIS and not the little free web server. then poof ihad the professional version working for free, so now i can add more then one site.This appears to be a serious bug with the product and i hope that SmarterStats don'tread this blog and then fix this issue. Heres hopin’ that version 3.0 you can stillhack this easy.

Disclaimer: This product is actually awesome, its only $199 for 50 sites; if you unlikeme and charge for hosting or make any money off the use of the product i stronglyencourage you to purchase this product. However if like me you just like to play aroundand since they do offer this program free to individual users, i just expanded theuse of that.


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