KellyKeeton dot Com v3.0
KellyKeeton dot Com v3.0
reverse engineering life


front page of the paper as well!!

come on!!! thisis insane i never saw this seriously folks, kelly is now speechless

front page of theKing County Journal

paris hilton gnome saga continues, i wonder if we will make national news from this.barbra walters call me.


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this is now crazy – and hot

ok, i just watched KOMO 4 and they said thatthe paris Hilton story (link to all my posts) with the gnome is now national news.this is crazy folks – it was also on KING5 but they dont allow links to the news w/o subscription. They did have a better“clip” about it however. you can googlenews search


i am editing a dvd with all the news stories that i will give to the people and alsoadded some of the vacation footage, as soon as i compress it i will have it on line