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back from the big apple.

ok, so we are finally back from the 15min of fame trip. figured i would document it for anyone that reads this.

so we busted ass to get to the airport on Thursday, got a 1030 flight and got stuckin middle seats on a 747, ouch. flew red eye and i didn't sleep at all, got to NYat 630am where weRAN i mean RAN to the car, NJ airport is huge. got in car and this cool Jewish drivertalked about barmitzvas and schleping, it was cool. got to the studio got caught upin security then got our makeup done. and wired for TV.

got on tv interview was fast and i don't remember much at all. lots of lights andlots of people watching you. the picture of Hilton made it on the times square bigTV so that was cool.

then we got a sweet tour ofthe studio, usethe same dressing room as Emril to‘un dress’. Then went to watch billyidol live in the studio ofcourse he played white wedding, that made me happy. saw some otherpeople for a photo shoot.

then went around NY formy first time, had a pastrami atcarnegie deli (the best i have ever eaten ever ever ever), went to centralpark and saw trumptower. went to toysr us (huge)

saw the statue fromafar, the tower site and wallstreet, stoped andrested, then went to a metsgame, then sleep then checkout thena little lunch the next day then home. whew! i got messed up in paperwork with deltaand got 1st class on the way home as well

and it was all free.

full photo album here

or read it again here

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