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asta la pasta see you on mars

looks like they found a date for “widespreaddevastation” set your java countdown for apr13 2029 it might be dusty that day.

I’m confused because in 2025 the day of “globalcatastrophe” starts so technically we dont need worry about this big rock.

but since by 2050 we “wontfit” it looks like the moon will be safe from all this so plan to movethere ..well exceptthe dust

however the largest pressing issue is that by 2015 we will be outof IP addresses so my PDA cant even use the java clock to tell me when itall ends. damn.

my time line

2015 we stop using the internet and go to a outernet, or no net go commando.

2025 things get real hot and we get tan

2029 asteroid hits and causes no sun, which causes ice age conditions that are counteracted by the global warming causing a nice 65F day

2031 they release Humvee5 and i big pimping with my 50” rims

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