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we have a weiner

someone bid on the gnomeon ebay still 5 days to go, it wont be interesting until the last hour. butstill dumbfounded that someone would pay 300 bucks for some concrete. so i was wonderingwho buys a gnome. a obvious gnome collector?

no. the bidder appears to like to collect certain starbucks credit cards. buys themfor 30$ a pop so i must have missed something. i have a pizza hut credit card, wonderif i can get 30 bucks for something they give away for free. mention that the creditcards all have zero balance its 30$ for the actual plastic.

but thats not what i was spinning my head about. the bidder also bought friendshipfrom someone for 30 bucks. i don't know if that actually happened (she has 100% rating)but she paid 30 dollars for a friend? i hope they knew each other and this was a joke.if not “WTF” guess i missed out on a generation of how to make money.

other news: none i am sick and tired. literally. ha.

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