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 With Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 set to debut next month,Microsoft has quietly closed the door on Windows 2000 users planning to adopt thenew Web browser. IE7 will require Windows XP Service Pack 2 due to internal securitychanges that rely on Microsoft's latest operating system release. (IE7 will have tabs)

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sooo HOT

ended up spending the weekend with fernando,willand fernandos brother in Vantage it was HOT 100+ man i cooked. we just sat in the river and basted i am nice and pink now. it was good times. nice weekend away from things. didn't take much pictures it was way to hot for that. took along the potato gun with a tennis ball barrel and had fun popping tennis balls into the river.

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finding time to blog.

as you can expect things are crazy now with day shift back on the rocks. i am workinglate most days and trying to adjust at the same time. matt leaves back to cali todayso that will be a bummer. this weekend i have lots going on, prolly going to end upin e-burg/bham with the boys so stay tuned for new blogs andother cool devices as i tryto shift bloggin into a normal people schedule. exchange reboot in 10 mins. i hopeit comes back up!


also i will be inventing something that uses this GREATIDEA for a actual solution of some sort. like somethign i can take with me toa show etc.

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redmond police still hatin’ the game

so after yesterday of hanging out with jon andkeeping out of trouble wehooked up with horia andwent to play baseball at Hartman park after two hours of baseballwe called it quits (we arnt in the best of shape) then the Redmond 5.0 pulled up whenwe were sitting in the parking lot and ready to go. they had 4 police just for us.and yea and a explorer (haha) after some questioning, and looking in horias trunkfor a dead body (serious) they let us go. what can i say i still have a nack for gatheringthe Redmond police to my location. oh the days that were. more goofypictures


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i am back on days, no more night shift for kelly!

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lack of weekend posting

to get something new off of just the “nerd” post about linux and such,thought i would tell you of what little i did this weekend. went out to work on somecar things, visited my dad who was dooin a police event at Bellevue Square Mall. Thenwent to visit conor whois the new manager of a sports store in south centre mall. then came home and slepta bunch, went to Susanparty, then to work to help out some more. then home again, home again jigityjig.

This is my last day on nights if the new website runs well at work!!! – OMG


food for thought -someday…


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ibook and Linux and Tiger

so i was cleaning up my room and found my ibook chillin under my desk with a deadbattery. sad so i charged it up cursed a bit as the system clock problems went away.then found that my ibook was horribly out of date. did some apple updates, then rememberedthat Tiger is out so i need to russle up a copy of that and check it out. I also havelinux installed on the ibook, after a few hours trying passwords for the root i finallygot in. a old copy of gentoo from 2003. yuck,it was a fun idea that mike and i had back in the day. but i don't like gentoo. growingup with mandrake/redhat i had to go back to it somehow. well redhat and mandrake allwent the way of the dino. so time for a new distro. i remember reading about YellowDog Linux back in 2000 and figured it must be good now if its still around. afterall they are PPC as the primary platform. Also i found out that mandrake stopped thePPC at 9.0

so after some light reading i downloaded the 4 cd’s (ouch) and installed them out.still running osX.3 as a secondary partition and now YDL as primary. Also been a whilesince i used X windows. read a little on the new $g(KDE)/$g(GNOME) well i hate KDEi cant stand the user interface and think anyone who likes linux for its KDE needsa refresh in the fact that a computer is supposed to be EASY to use. not somethingyou have to konquer! so gnome it is. as a side note i read a few things where peoplecriticise the fact that people need a GUI for linux saying “go back to the console”wtf where are you from, thats what i expect to hear from a 78yr old Professor at Princeton.sure console is for things but you dont work in a telnet session all day. and if youdo …HAHA (i’m a nerd)

anyway so i download cd’s and pop them in and choose install i also found this nicelooking “install”pdf and mostly printed it out because i was trying to figure out the page numbersthen realised its a little bind yore own book. well i just wanted to make my own bookso i printed it and stapled it into a cool little linux install book i never reallylooked at the contents but i do have a nice book

the install is what i remember of my early linux days, just cleaner the install isnow fast and concise, there is no crap and it dont look like GNOME .9 anymore i likethat. some package picking installing all the compilation tools since thats aboutall i need a linux tool for. that and WEP cracking.

after first boot there is a config menu just like windows, i like this, congrats YDLteam.  very easy setup they dont make the network card setup part of all this,i had to do this by experience and not a wizard. then using YUM i updated the wholedistro, installed firefox and BAM now i go play with tiger.

Tiger! ok so other then the new SMB support i have no care for the new product. itbroke 2/3 of the applications i use on OSX – broke VPC,VPN otherthen that nothing eventful. If you care then you dont read my blog for this type ofnews anyway.

i thought about making some how-to on the subject matter but there is more then youneed outthere, if you ahve a Q comment back – holla’

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tired kelly has too much free time

today i finished up a “draft” install of my stereo still have a few large bugs towork out but its coming along. here is a photo of the most noticeable features.


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[movie] Blade Trinity

ok time for another vampire movie. don't know what the thrill is, they start thismovie off by saying that all the other vampire movies are bullshit. well this newone has at least a new style of story but its just the same essentially. i did likethe title sequence unlike i have seen for a while. what i didn't like was the first20 mins of bad stunts and crappy CGI looking $imdb(fast and furious) car stunts. butthen every now and then $imdb(blade trinity) would surprise you with some awesomestunts, there is some sword play in the last scene that is great! how is it that mostbad guys and all bad creatures are well versed in the art of kung-fu or somethingelse? this movie seemed short even though it was 2 hours so i guess thats good, noslow story line. i am torn however the bad stunts and sort of lame story here andthere and the combined marvel production with some great stunts. This movie gave mea feel of $imdb(gone in 60 seconds) at some times as well.

if i had to choose a vampire movie $imdb(Underworld) gets my choice but this wouldget #2

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[movie] Assult On Precint 13 2005

so i watched the original movie from back in 1980 something. This remake was actuallyworth the time and effort. Rogue Pictures which is a spin off of Focus Films, broughtus such great movies as $imdb(Shaun of the Dead) and is making the upcoming $imdb(Unleashed)with Jet Li so they are a promising looking production company (to to mention themother ship focus films great work) anyway production company’s aside.

$imdb(Assault On Precinct 13) was a great movie remake. i mean the story is obviouslyreused and the original movie was good but was slow and drug out like most older movies.This new version they tightened up the story line and had new believable scenariosfor the 2005 culture. i dont want to talk a lot about the movie it might ruin someof the suspense that keeps you attached to the screen. for a new era action moviethis one gets my thumbs up. it wasn't the same old slash and bang we see from Vin,and Keanu every Friday.

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