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yeah! fun weekend!

another night on the town. Fernando cameto town and we went and had some fun in belltown. it was fun evening. started offat erin’s bro’sthen went and paid 10cover (damn Seattle) Chris and i danced so much that i was sweaty as high schoolPE. then we found a purse and i put my business card in the wallet in the idea whos it was. then i took some artsy pictures.then chris and i danced like mad men and we owned the club. crazy chicks wouldstare but they dug us. one girl told me i wasn't for real. not sure what she ment.i told her i usta back up dance for shakeria. seriously we rocked. i should be 3 lbslighter form all the dancing. out of 5 stars this gets a 3 star evening. even gota cream cheese hot dog… mmmmmm.

also finished a very successful Fiberglas job to modifythe factory sob box in my car to fit a 10” diamond sub. i am very happy with this

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