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i dont know about you but i look forward to weezer cd releases like Christmas andnext Tuesday is the 25th 

myspace hasobviously been making some points somewhere because they just put weezersnew cd Make Believe on line for free and its like 96k stream. so its totally worthlistening to. its the full cd rip

you must have a myspace account to listen but if you dont then your just not cooli guess.

ahhh search engine keyword ranking rules mp3 download weezer make believe sucker forthinking i will give you weezer cd for free haha try a torrent next time.

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long week

been a slow week. time to start the “kelly to days” countdown again 2 weeks and countingnow. 10 days for those of you who operate on a 5day week. I will be travelling toWWU(b-ham) this weekend for a Disco party so look for the pictures later, they shouldbe good.

Go hack something this weekend.


Pepsi machine

coke machine

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