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[movie] Sideways

ok so i netflixed $imdb(Sideways) from eli’sreview now this is not a reflection on that review at all. basically i hatedthis movie. 2 hours long. there is so much lame character development that is neverused. we follow this dumb writer with a book that is 700 pages long and its aboutnothing with no ending, the publisher don't want to publish the movie. well its amirror of the movie. this must have been some guys real life story, because thatsabout all it is … real life. i’m sorry i dont watch a movie to see reallife. i thought the whole plot line (spoiler) about the guy getting married and havinghis last fling with random chicks was not only pointless but made the whole move evenmore of a loop of boring life. they did a good job with continuity and keeping thestory facts in line. but still this move was 2 hours of messy scripts.

to sum this movie up in a clever one liner.   “this movie is aboutas bland as a glass of dry merlot leaving you just as thirsty for something else”


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GPS data has never been so fun

so we all heard of google maps. and the abilitythey have to make the world fly by your mouse. well they bought this technology froma company called keyhole. Now the cool thingabout keyhole is they have a hi-res image of the world (and mars) and you can flyby your mouse from all the famous places of the world. you can then zoom in and lookat the cars parked in your driveway. yes its that good. the download is free for 7days long enough to play with it and bust out 20 bucks for a year if you like it.the server is very hammered all he time i think because its never very fast to loadimages …even at 2am. but go check out your house and the eiffel tower and the pyramids.its way cool. they also have this pan and tilt feature to really make it look likeyour flying over the landscape. this is worth your time and effort to down load iassure you. then go look at mars


example shot of work.

go look at vegas, the hollywood sign, any baseball field, what about JFK/NASA spacecenter go look at the space shuttle on the ground – check out how they dont let youlook at the whitehouse


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