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Review of Audible .com

so after my last post i wanted to read the Snicketbooks. went snooping around and found no downloadable copy. rats. but i founda cool page called Audible its basically a onlineaudio bookstore, i chose to actually buy this because they offer a 14.99 a month subscriptionthat comes with a mp3 player now i didnt need the mp3 player but oh well. howeverit was 12$ for shipping so that in hindsight would have been better spent get one book and some daily news and magazines and such with that subscription.they have a nice looking selection and the new harrypotter book due out soon justas easy to get it for 14bucks as steal it. so…

now for the bad. if i didnt want to actually listen to this book i would unsuscriberight now and can this dumb web site. let me see what do i hate about them. is itthe proprietary DRM software that not only takes up 100% cpu load most of the time?how about that when its full screen and doing some DRM crap that you CAN NOT minimizeit. what about its horrible user interface. is that what i hate. yes but not the clincher.they are DRM meaning that they try and force you to only use the media the way theywant. no mp3 no copy here and there. its just like itunes. well they can shove it.after i get the books i want i will cancel because i hate this. seriously its themost horrible product package i have ever dealt with. if i pay 14 a month just tobe forced to use a special mp3 player then screw them. i cant express my hate towardsthe RIAA and DRM. oh yea i can. they suck and so is the Audible software and the HORRIBLEroxio cd burner plugin never use it. crashed my computer 3 timesbefore i un installed it and went to cracking the audio encryption.

ok so what will any good hacker do about this mess, that i paid for? use google. i’mnot alone in the DRM hatin’ world. thanks to dbpoweramp iam able to convert my media back into trusty mp3 that i can play on everything. ifyour playing along at home you want to search for a “direct show decoder” for dbpoweramp– that little free(12$) mp3 player i also got from them might also be hackable thusallowing me to get the mp3 with out the dbpoweramp thus faster DRM-D-Struction

if you happen to work for audible learn something from this post. if i couldn't hackyour format then i would cancel your product. i have no intentions of sharing it onP2P and i have no intentions of having you limit my use to a audio file i download.have a nice day.

is this a legit complaint or am i just getting angry by the exponential?

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