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good deed for the year

so today i went to go get some gas in Seattle. some dude walks up to me (like everytime you stand out side in south Seattle) and i am like no cash man. he then explainsthis lame ass story about cars and toe trucks and what not. eventually asking fora ride to rainier valley. he was smaller then me and had more diamonds on his neckup then i will own in my life and he didn't stink of beer. so i figure sure i needsomething new to blog about (kidding).

home boy hops in the car and starts to again explain this long story about cars andAAA and wrecks and the new lexis and other things like that. whole time i am thinkingwonder if i am gonna have a extra hole in my skin by the time this is over.

he didnt have a seat belt on and i was zoomin thru south Seattle like mad i mean iwas bustin around the streets like crazy dude got scared and put on his seat beltit was great. then we got stuck in construction and sitting there as he had now gottentired of talking about his lexis. cd changed. Ice cube comes on. well if you knowthe lyrics to ice cube you might imagine its not the music that white people but outin south seattle with. i was like OHHHH i hope this Playa likes ice cube. i didn'twant to change it making it obvious that i was like uh-oh. no issue but still akwordmoment.

so then he is like there there. i put into a Exxon he says please wait here. at thispoint i was thinking no no no time for me to run. he is calling his hommie to stripmy car of its new clear coat. so i pull around to make sure he isn't using a phoneor something. no he bought some beer. what ever. he then tells me that he wanted togive a beer to me and the guy that was holding the lexis for him. since i am not aColt45 drinker i passed. it did come with brown bag however

so more driving around bumpy ass roads and scaring dude with some sweet cornering.then we come to this nasty hood. i mean no windows on most buildings. we pull up tosome nasty looking car-repair shop. he asks if i can pull around back to drop himoff. Two things i thought about – one Compton two a guy with a gun asking tohave my keys. so i dumped him out on the street and told him to have a nice day.

he offered to pay me he had a wad of 20’s but i didn't want the drug dogs huntingme down or with other recent family matters involving fake money i didn't want thisto be a conspiracy of family fake money.

who says life isn't interesting?

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