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Thats what you will read on all the BitTorrent Sites. Thanks to the MPAA they decidedto kick some ass on the remaining sites claimingillegal download TV shows. Uhg if its not one thing is another. I checked and99% of the sites are dead. The one that isnt “PirateBay” well they are getting dDoSby either use of hackers with only one site left to use or the MPAA. someone inventsomething new. Seriously i dont watch tv for commercials i watch it for the shows.What this means for you? well movies,programs and Tvshows have no good source but IRCnow. and we all know how nice IRC rooms are.

in other news via /. aipod explodes this was a good read with quotes like “unclear what the teenagerhad ingested” “scooted out and helped save the rest of Melbourne” other audio relateda laser-recordplayer man if i had 20 grand i would buy this… not kidding.

i was able to purchase the stereo for my car today the Pioneer AVH-P7600DVD its noteven on the site but i have it by Thursday next week, after that the caris done. Now what will i work on?

after some work on MattMcGs parents house DSL – i installed the current westellmodem  man i wish i was still with verizon that modem had every feature thatyou can imagine in a wireless dsl router. its actually amazing it comes with a statsprogram and everything built in, if your with verizon and dont have something coolcall and ask for a upgrade because yore speed is not great and your neighbour justgot the new modem and it helped them. then i got a chance to stop and say hito conor who dont see much even though he is back in the 425. He just got a new joband a new car it smells like coconuts. he comments a lot on the site.

on the way home from work today a rock pelted my car windshield and now i need a newwindshield. the first thing that went in my head was …at least it didn't hit the paint.


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Your making me money

So I have been thinking about hooking up some sort of Advertisment system for a whilenow. Didnt want banners because i hate them and didnt want anything obtrusive to thepage. Whats the answer. AdSence Itstext ads by google. yes google rules all. I will report later how i think its going.for now. the Photos and blog will have a nice little un obtrusive little block oftext @ very bottom of the pages.

let me know what you think of this if you find it hurts loading time etc

ps if you have dasblog never post java code in the post it will crash everything

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