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weekend update with Kelly Keeton

Friday: went to Redmond ran into mikessister and harassed her then watched lifeaquatic went to beths at 4am.

Saturday: woke up at 9am did stuff. gotthe crew and went to sushi then walked around bellevue hung out at 7–11and watched some kids try and buy some smokes. then saw a prom doofus and his girlshe was drinking wine out of the bottle in the car they were all like 15–18it was weird. then went to horias to watch SNL i slept thru the whole thing

noticed the google ads are now popping up stuff for fishing after the movie review.things like “spear fishing gear” thats cool i clicked the link it wasn'tcool. but at least the word spearfish is coming up. on a side note i think googleads might be crashing the site a lot. also i had to fill out w2 information with google.and after 167 something looks or clicks from last Thursday when i installed it. ihave made .27 cents to date. at this rate it will be over a year to get 100$ thenthey tax that so my advice for this service on my page. i think it might be pulled,but i will give it a month, keep clicking and making me cents.


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[movie] The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

finally getting around to catching up on netflix. $imdb(The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) wanted to get to the theater to see this one but didnt. here i am today with the dvd. first off is the 2+ hours worth it you ask? if you didnt like $imdb(The Royal Tenenbaums) then my review is you wont like this dont even bother. If you like RT then you will enjoy this movie. dont know how else to review this one. It looks wonderful, the sets and the color on the screen is marvelous. The plot line …if there is one is sort of fun and different since its just some people a simi story and such weird events and strings of story that they end up with some cool and fun looking scenes to shoot. i liked it but it was long.

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