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[tv] Scrubs and other Tv shows that are me

I must comment on what i think is the best show ever to be on TVi just got Scrubs Seasonone on DVD today (always buy form and you get it a day early. they areawesome amazonsucks) anyway i want to comment on how one TV show not only is funny buthas some of the best social commentary that i have ever seen. just watching the pilotand i laughed as much as i do on a season 4 show. gotta love a show that cankeep it gold from day one. i did think that the pilot was the the best i have everseen not only keeping 100% true to the whole series but outlining what they have doneall along. if you haven't ever watched the show catch it nextseason they seem to be wrapping it up i can see the plot line go to a end.I just hope if they end this story they start a new one with the same cast seriouslypeople, if my life were a tv show i would let it be this one.

not to mention zachbraff the only (guy) actor i would like to actually meet in real life, yourasking which girl actor i am gonna pull a crazy ass one out of the hat and say LarisaOleynik no offence to paris hilton she did get us to NY for free. She was my crushback in the day of good nickelodeon when it actually owned every channel in the world,you want to debate that? come on Peteand Pete, rin and stimpy, doubledare, that agrocrag, dude if i could bring back one thing from the 80’s and early 90’sit would be nickelodeon at its prime. in this post i have summed up the only thingsi actually loved in television history and present day. oh yea and loony toons, pee-wee,and A-Team and Knight rider, felix the cat –  just to name a few i miss the days before reality TV and “desperate housewives” …sigh


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