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xbox 360

ok i couldn't not share this one. if you know me you prolly know how much i like hackedxbox’s well the Xbox2(360) is coming out soon and i just found this commercialfor the next madden. Even if you dont play video games. go watch this. and rememberits a computer game. all computers. makes me wonder what in the world madden 2010is gonna be.

other xbox360 newsif you didn't know, it will be backward compatible for “top selling games” what everthat means. Here is a coolvideo about the making of it. and the pressrelease

who will offer the $100,000 challenge to hack the xbox 360 like they didxbox? depending on the price for the unit (350est) i might buy one when the fullspec is released if the tivo ability is there. and the backwards game actually workfor games i own. if they are hackable and i can play mario duckhunt from my xbox 360 oh yea!

EDIT 5/18/2005

jsut in from a major chip maker:

 We are also heaving into Xbox 360background development. We pretty much understand all the software side of thingsnow - all we need now is the hardware - which will be sooner than it hits the shelveswe assure you Wink

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