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[movie] Blade Trinity

ok time for another vampire movie. don't know what the thrill is, they start thismovie off by saying that all the other vampire movies are bullshit. well this newone has at least a new style of story but its just the same essentially. i did likethe title sequence unlike i have seen for a while. what i didn't like was the first20 mins of bad stunts and crappy CGI looking $imdb(fast and furious) car stunts. butthen every now and then $imdb(blade trinity) would surprise you with some awesomestunts, there is some sword play in the last scene that is great! how is it that mostbad guys and all bad creatures are well versed in the art of kung-fu or somethingelse? this movie seemed short even though it was 2 hours so i guess thats good, noslow story line. i am torn however the bad stunts and sort of lame story here andthere and the combined marvel production with some great stunts. This movie gave mea feel of $imdb(gone in 60 seconds) at some times as well.

if i had to choose a vampire movie $imdb(Underworld) gets my choice but this wouldget #2


[movie] Assult On Precint 13 2005

so i watched the original movie from back in 1980 something. This remake was actuallyworth the time and effort. Rogue Pictures which is a spin off of Focus Films, broughtus such great movies as $imdb(Shaun of the Dead) and is making the upcoming $imdb(Unleashed)with Jet Li so they are a promising looking production company (to to mention themother ship focus films great work) anyway production company’s aside.

$imdb(Assault On Precinct 13) was a great movie remake. i mean the story is obviouslyreused and the original movie was good but was slow and drug out like most older movies.This new version they tightened up the story line and had new believable scenariosfor the 2005 culture. i dont want to talk a lot about the movie it might ruin someof the suspense that keeps you attached to the screen. for a new era action moviethis one gets my thumbs up. it wasn't the same old slash and bang we see from Vin,and Keanu every Friday.